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Payment cards

Tag Systems’ EMV chip portfolio ranges from basic to high end chip products based on Java GlobalPlatform specifications.


EMV Java chip products from Tag Systems combine the best features of the GlobalPlatform Card Personalisation Specification (CPS) standards.

They allow the upload of your preferred applications (PKI, Loyalty, Domestic schemes, and others...) during per­sonalization or by using Post Issuance functionality. These applications are developed following the Java standards.

Tag Systems provides consultancy services to assist in the development of Java product applets.

The flexibility of the new flash memory products results in a cost effective open standard based EMV chip pro­duct.

Java products are the only solution for the open world within EMV products, both for contact, Dual Interface or contactless only such as 2ff card for wearables.


Tag Systems also provides a variety of Native products that comply with the national needs of certain countries. Native platforms, available in contact and Dual Interface, enable the issuance of SDA / DDA / CDA products based on standard EMV requirements.


MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE® DESFire® are registered trademarks owned by NXP B.V.




General Features
  • Full Java and Java Static OS
  • SDA / DDA / CDA
  • EEPROM and Flash memory from 8 K up to 150 K
  • Contact / Contactless / Dual Interface
  • EMV 4.3 Specs
  • Java Card 3.0.5 Specification
  • Global Platform 2.2.1 Specification
EMV Applications
  • VIS 1.5.x / VIS 1.6.x / VCPS 2.1.x / VCPS 2.2.x / VSDC 2.8.1.x / VSDC 2.9.x
  • M/Chip 4 / M/Chip Advance 1.1 / M/Chip Advance 1.2.x
  • D-Pass v1.0 / D-Pass v1.1
  • EMV CPA v1.0
  • MIFARE Classic® and MIFARE® DESFire®